Individual Growth

Consider joining me in your process of individual growth.

Individual therapy for teens to adults is a relationship in which we aim to grow your sense of competence in creating a satisfying and fulfilling life.  Through the use of empirically supported theories of psychology including Cognitive-Behavioral Theory and Acceptance and Change Therapy you will create habits that focus your energy to live in the moment of a lifestyle that values accomplishments in work/school, satisfying relationships, healthy diet/exercise, and belonging in a community.   Individuals seeking to develop and sustain a lifestyle of healthy habits may seek out therapy at a time of feeling overwhelmed, facing life changes, experiencing loss, or at the suggestion of a friend or family member.  Therapy begins with understanding your needs that may range from diagnosing and treating a psychiatric disorder such as depression and anxiety to broader therapy goals of navigating life challenges more successfully.  The first step to take in feeling better at this moment is action; schedule an initial consultation to determine your path towards being in control of a satisfying and balanced life.  


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